Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolts


The Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolt consists of a tapered body, a matching tapered bored sleeve and two round nuts.  Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolts are re-usable, reduce maintenance downtimes and are a direct retrofit replacement for conventional bolts.

Specially designed to suit specific coupling geometry, the Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolt offers turbine operators a number of significant benefits.  As they are installed and removed faster than conventional bolts, less time is required to split and re-build turbine couplings, bringing down outage time and costs.

Due to their precise and repeatable location, the bolts can potentially reduce the turbine vibration and coupling slippage often associated with conventional systems. The problem of bolt seizure and surface pick-up are avoided, concentricity is established and maintained even under extreme operating conditions.  Once fitted there is no need for re-machining.


  • An innovative alternative to conventional fitted bolts
  • Faster and easier to install and remove
  • No more costly outage delays caused by bolts getting stuck in-situ
  • Reduced turbine vibration
  • Coupling slippage eliminated
  • Significantly lower life cycle costs
  • Direct retrofit
  • Reliability means more effective planning
  • No re-machining
  • Concentricity re-established
  • OEM approval
  • Safe and reliable

Click here for diagram of installation & removal 

Click here for Installation animation.