Power Industry


Pilgrim was established over sixty years ago in the UK. In the proceeding years it has developed into an innovative and worldwide leading supplier of bolting solutions primarily to the Power and Marine industries, as well as a number of other industries such as Oil, Steel and Mining.

The company has expanded rapidly during the last ten years as these industries have recognised the time and cost savings associated with the use of the Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolt.  It has provided a safe installation and removal procedure, which meets ever increasing health and safety requirements.

In the Power Industry, Pilgrim is a major supplier to all turbine OEM's and leading Utilities with the concept of the Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolt now being truly accepted worldwide.  The product is now installed in all five continents.

The company continues both to develop the product and the manufacturing process.  This development has further cemented the company's worldwide reputation for outstanding quality and performance accredited with BS-EN-ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 OHSAS No.18001.  We are focused on building upon our success in global markets by challenging conventional bolting systems and advancing innovative new coupling concepts.

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