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The product of more than sixty years of development and innovation, Pilgrim Radial Fit Bolts utilise hydraulically-induced mechanical expansion to deliver significant benefits over conventional shrink-fit bolts.

Used extensively throughout the world by the Marine and Power industries, as well as a number of other industries such as Oil, Steel and Mining.  Our coupling bolt systems are backed by the most stringent quality control procedures and the highest standards of service, they are approved by all the major classification societies.

The company continues both to develop the product and the manufacturing process.  This development has further cemented the company's worldwide reputation for outstanding quality and performance accredited with BS-EN-ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, OHSAS No.18001.  We are focused on building upon our success in global markets by challenging conventional bolting systems and advancing innovative new coupling concepts.

Whatever the application, we have the skills and resources to design, manufacture and supply solutions that are at the very forefront of coupling technology.

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